Precious Junk

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The website '' is owned by Khushroo Kalyanwala, an architect and designer by profession, also involved in architectural Metal Work and Digital Art.

The hobby of collecting in various conformist and non-conformist areas of collectibles was instilled in him from a young age. The obsession of building collections grew with time, constantly being influenced and intrigued by the fondness of art and design as an element of aesthetics of the bygone eras. Over a period, the array of collections developed were those of Philately / Postal History and various groups within, Stamp Papers, Notaphily, Numismatic, Postcards - Philatelic & Picture, Calendars, Cigarette Cards & Labels, Matchboxes & Labels, Lithographs & Oleographs, Old Books, Manuscripts, Autographs, Art – Serigraphs / Etchings / Oils / Acrylic, Movie Memorabilia – Hollywood & Bollywood, Ceramic & Stoneware, Glass Bottles & Paper Weights and many others.

Gradually, realizing that a plethora of collectibles (even other than the ones mentioned above), had acquired a sound investment value in the global market, it was deemed fit to arrive at the decision of generating revenue from the same. The ’Precious Junk’ website is the result of painstaking documentation and research to make this a possibility. Currently, only some parts of select categories have been posted on the website with the intention of expanding it by and by.

Although all items for sale are in original form, we do have a section on ‘Reproduction & Restoration’, available on special order, which cater to thematic subjects/fields that could be used for personal/commercial décor. There is also another category of original DIGITAL ART on the website. This is the work done by Khushroo wherein he has photographically captured abstract forms within the broad categories of Architecture, Nature and Inanimate Objects. These are then worked upon digitally and printed on archival grade canvas and paper. All the work is available in a limited edition of prints ranging from 5 to15.

It has also been planned to open a display outlet, where interested parties/persons may visit personally to examine items falling within their areas of interest. When the outlet is functional, the same shall be posted on the website.

Thanks for visiting the site. Please feel free to contact us for any queries related to the items on the site as well as for additional help required in sourcing items related to your field of interest as we may be able to help you.

Please do keep checking our site frequently as we would be updating the website by adding new items and categories from time to time.

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