Precious Junk

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1. Pricing Of Items:

The price of each item as indicated on our website excludes CST/VAT (or any other taxes as applicable &/or as levied by the government), as well as packaging / insurance / shipping / courier / postal charges. All the above shall be incorporated in the final invoice. Unless specific instructions for packaging, insurance and mode of delivery are received, we will determine the best procedure to be followed. The prices mentioned on the website are in U.S. Dollars ($) & Indian Rupees. For orders within India, payment will be accepted in Indian Rupees only, based on the corresponding conversion rate provided by us in our estimate.

2. Placement Of Order: (For orders outside India, the minimum sum total of each / all items should not be less than U.S. $ 150.00)

No orders shall be accepted through verbal communication. All orders shall be accepted only through email / post / courier. We should first be in receipt of your email confirming the final list of items you intend to purchase, after having clarified all your queries. We shall then be sending you an estimate (including taxes, packaging, insurance, and mode of delivery) to be approved by you within ten working days from its receipt. Estimates that are not acknowledged within the above time frame may be cancelled and the sale rescinded. Your written approval in any of the above mentioned modes of communication shall be treated as a confirmed order. Orders once confirmed shall not be cancelled.

3. Payments:

a) On receiving our final invoice, 100% advance payment shall be required as per the estimate against the purchased items.

b) Payments within India shall be accepted by Demand Draft / Payable at Par Cheques / NEFT / RTGS.

c) All International Payments will be accepted in U.S. Dollars only. The payment can be made through Wire Transfer/ MT1 / MT3.

d) All payments should be made in favour of "Precious Junk".

4. Dispatch & Delivery:

The goods shall be dispatched from our end within five working days after clearance of the due payment. Thereafter, the time taken for receipt of goods may vary on the selected mode of delivery. It is requested that you inspect the contents of the package upon receipt immediately and inform us within two working days. Any damage and/or discrepancies between your order v/s items received must be reported to us. All packaging materials must be retained until the discrepancy has been resolved.

Items once sold shall not be returned and accepted by us.

We will respond to every mail, so in case you do not hear from us within 2-3 working days, kindly send us a reminder.

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