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The details ‘A’ to ‘F’ as mentioned here under are deemed to be read and understood prior to placement of an order.

A: Image Quality

Maximum effort has been made to display the best visual representation of our collection with accuracy in colour and image. However, since all computers/digital displays represent coloration/ contrast differently, the colour seen on your screen may not exactly match your purchased item.

B: Condition

All items displayed are original unless mentioned otherwise. No images have been digitally touched up/rectified to enhance/modify the existing condition and appearance of the items. In fact, the condition of items represented through the scanned images may tend to magnify defects/flaws such as ‘foxing’ and ‘browning’ of paper, which may not be as visible in the original. Therefore minor flaws like insignificant creases or ‘foxing’ which are attributed to the age of the items should not be considered as imperfections. For multiple quantities (wherever indicated), the condition & price of the specimen as shown in the image may vary from the specimen being sold to you and not possible to list out accurately. Therefore, kindly contact us for further clarification on the specific condition of the item/s before placing/confirming your order.

C: Measurements & Sizes

While we make every effort to provide true and correct dimensions and sizes, the margin of variation/tolerance will appear along with the details of each item.

All two dimensional items such as posters, postcards & other paper ephemera are given in Width (W) x Height (H) OR Height (H) x Width (W) as indicated. All three dimensional items may additionally have depth, diameter, etc which can best describe the item.

Generally, the two dimensional measurements given are those of full sizes, i.e. inclusive of borders, margins, etc and not those of the image/printed area alone. In certain categories, where found necessary, both sizes have been mentioned separately.

The units of measurement used are inches or centimeters as indicated.


Please note that we honour the intellectual property rights of others. The reproduced images will be those of which there are no copyright issues to the best of our knowledge. However, if you believe that there has been an infringement on the copyright/trademark of any item, please inform/notify us, so that we can rectify the oversight by taking necessary action by its omission in our range of reproductions.

E: Sales policy

1. No orders shall be accepted through verbal communication. All orders shall be accepted only through email / post / courier. For further details, please visit the section 'How To Buy'

2. It is our endeavour to ensure that all prices mentioned on the website are correct as envisaged by us. Since all descriptions and prices are entered manually, we reserve the right to revise them from time to time and/or correct any typographical errors. Similarly, on receipt of your email inquiry of the selected item/s, in case we discover that the item/s you have ordered were listed at an erroneous price, we will inform you of the correct price. We will further get your approval/disapproval of the same before making the invoice and give you the option of cancelling part/full order.

F: Return Policy

You are requested to verify and satisfy yourself regarding all aspects related to the condition, costs and purchase of the item/s in question, by sending us your detailed queries. Items once sold shall not be returned and accepted by us.
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